Welcome to "The POD".......The Cephalopod

The names POD.......Cephalopod and welcome to our blog and first post.

OK we're not James Bond, but sometimes we feel like it!

We're on a mission to metamorphosis the digital and mobile world for business and the consumer.

We've buckets of experience under our belts, from working with numerous SME's and Start Ups, as well as the likes of Paypal, Telstra and Tier 1 banks such as CBA.

We're passionate about ensuring success through validation of digital experiences and developing solutions for their associated technology.  We create great big ideas and provide awesome results for our clients.

Now you know a little bit about us, we'd love to know more about you and how we can digitally metamorphosis your business.  To get in touch.


Squids are of great importance as research objects to neurobiology and ethology.