DIGITAL Marketing

Developed to bridge the gap between your brand and the target audience, Squid Digital knows how to build a foundation to reach and appeal to each respective industry.


Squid isolates all touch points, diagnosing what motivates and influences actions, decisions and communication.

Through Strategy, Creation, Integration, Activation and Amplification, Squid provides the complete service that will successfully develop and launch a brand, communicate to the market, increase exposure and visibility, whilst building category authority to reach, engage, and fundamentally convert a target market. 

 Our Digital Marketing Campaigns typically include:

• Tailored advertising plan including Google, Facebook with combined Re-targeting campaigns

• Customer acquisition strategy


• Vertical Content plan (Social, EDM, DM, SMS etc)

• Measurable conversions -gauge & monitor success / fails

• SEO keyword strategy

• Data collection strategy

• Strategy & Program Management: - Review and analysis  

• Brand, product, event and sponsorship PR

• Website & Social media - Google, Facebook, Twitter etc

• Content creation and publishing

• EDM campaign (Incl. Data mining)

• Search Engine Optimisation:

• Unlimited keyword ranking strategy

• Updates to support SEO Digital Advertising:

• Reporting: - SEO,  Social and  Conversion