What is User eXperience (UX) Design? How can it help your Event experience?

UX design is an approach to solving problems so a product fits or exceed the goals of the user. Giving the user a positive experience. It involves extra features that are designed for all users in the event entourage.


All too often we find Event Coordinator’s running the event with an excel spreadsheet and the participant left wondering where to go. It’s about the people, people have problems and problems are there to be solved. In solving these problems why not add a little delight as well.


Pre-ordering meals, downloading conference apps, checking into seminars are some of the functionality that assists the user and event organisers alike. There really is no limit to the design, as long as there are needs, there are solutions.

If we can use design thinking at the beginning of an application process, focusing on user needs from the get-go, we can create strategic partnerships that have long-term value for everyone. This provides marketing opportunities for your sponsors and exhibitors, as well as organisers and presenters. Providing an ‘added bonus’ for everyone.


It’s important to look at the flow of an event, from the beginning to the end. How do you touch each participant, get them excited and keep them informed. Considering you can have someone attending your event for days, how do you keep them entertained, focused and fed. Are the exhibitors new and exciting, or just another stand with another banner and flyers. How do you cater for someone who doesn’t know anyone? Socialise and networking, meetings and chats, there really is a multi layer approach to increasing user experience and the rebooking for future events.

No matter how big your event, it needs to be planned and needs to be supported by your Event software.

Tell us about your event experience? What impressed you? What drives you nuts?